Project PLUS

Project PLUS (Presentations on Learning Unique Skills) is a workshop series aimed to address some of the very unique concerns brought to us by the families who have previously participated in SKILLS. We will offer a total of 12 webinars on different topics that can be viewed at a time of your choosing. You may register for one or for all- there are no restrictions on the number of webinars you choose to attend/watch. The webinars are recorded and you will be able to view them from any device of your choice. 


Currently, we offer webinars on the following topics:

  1. Increasing access to parent-mediated intervention for children with ASD by Dr. Brooke Ingersoll
  2. Facilitating communication in children with ASD using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) by Dr. Rajinder Koul
  3. Taking care of yourself by Dr. Sandy Magaña
  4. Understanding problem behaviors displayed by individuals with ASD by Dr. Terry Falcomata
  5. Shared book reading: opportunities for language learning by Dr. Lauren Hampton
  6. Introducción al Autismo: Indicadores y Sintomas,Evaluación y Diagnóstico, Información General, y Recursos by Dra. Berenice de la Cruz

Once you complete the registration,  the link to access the webinar will be sent within a few days. You will be able to pick topics of interest to you using this following registration link. You are welcome to register for as many webinars that are of interest to you. 

Register here