About the Department

About our department
About Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Our vision is to be a world leader in research, educational programs, and evidence-based clinical services.

Students in the department hail from all over the nation. Upon leaving the university, our graduates enter the clinical, teaching, and research fields throughout the United States. While in school, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences graduate students conduct original research, participate in symposia, and may serve as research assistants, teaching assistants or assistant instructors. Many of our students publish scholarly articles or deliver papers at professional meetings. We are proud of the high level of professional involvement of our students. All of those who have earned a Ph.D. in our Department have obtained faculty or other professional positions.

Our graduate program is tailored to individual students. Students develop a plan of study in consultation with their faculty advisory committees. Ordinarily, an MSSLHS program is completed in two years and a Ph.D. in three or four years after completion of the MSSLHS. The Au.D. program is typically completed in four years. We encourage most students in the Ph.D. program to create a four year full-time work plan because, in our experience, it is difficult to produce a high-quality dissertation if the student is not in residence.

- Rajinder Koul, Chair

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

- Provide comprehensive programs of scholarship that will advance the understanding of human communication and related disorders.
- Build a foundation of knowledge and skills that encourages excellence in academic and clinical practice for the professional lifetime.
- Promote a culture of collaboration and respect for others.

Strategic Plan

Earlier this year, UT began the process of defining a strategic direction, a 10-year aspiration and the supporting pillars to help achieve it.  SLHS faculty and staff will meet in August 2022 to develop and define a strategic direction that align with the aspirations and pillars set forth in UT's Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan 2015-2022

Our goals are: - Enhance the research enterprise of the department - Modernize facilities in design and function to better support best clinical practices - Improve the quality of the graduate programs - Innovate learning experiences to optimize development of knowledge and skills - Strengthen the undergraduate academic experience - Better engage with the community