Observation Hours


We require students who wish to complete the 25-hour observation requirement for the Texas State Licensure and/or ASHA certification in speech-language pathology to enroll in an approved SLH course. 


Any off-campus observation must receive prior approval in writing by the course instructor or hours gained will not be counted.

We encourage students to enroll in CSD/SLH 340P Clinical Observation Speech Language Pathology. Enrollment in this will make you eligible to observe on and off campus.  Students who meet the prerequisite for 340P may register for the course during their access period. On and off campus observation will only count toward the observation requirement if completed while you are enrolled in 340P (or another approved course).  

Many CSD/SLH students engage in volunteer activities in the community above and beyond the required observation experience.  We encourage you to continue these activities (before or after completing your observation experiences) as they contribute to your professional development and are a valuable contribution to our community.  Once again, on and off campus activities will only count toward the observation requirement if completed while you are enrolled in 340P or another approved course from the list below.

Course Description

CSD/SLH 340P Clinical Observation in Speech Language Pathology: Explore evidence-based practice in speech and language pathology through guided observation.

CSD/SLH 370 Clinical Research: Supervised participation in clinical research internships.

CSD/SLH 378C Experiential Learning in Clinical Research: Explore experiential learning opportunities within the clinical environment observe clinical research, connect concepts, and reflect on processes that promote translation of theory to practice for stuttering and/or cluttering.

CSD/SLH 378D Quality of Life in Clinical Care: Engage in an intensive experiential learning opportunity that emphasizes the positive role of counseling, empathy, self-compassion, and the therapeutic alliance in clinical care for persons who stutter and/or clutter and their loved ones.