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Please be sure to be signed into your UT Direct/Box before accessing forms and links below.

  • General Info / Rules
  • Electronic RTA Request
    • Submit travel requests to Group ID: 00340 AS SOON AS you are aware you will be traveling.
    • Notify department if travel plans change after a submission.
    • List ALL possible destinations on the request.  (Example: If you are traveling to New York City, NY but your plane is routed through Newark, New Jersey - you would want to include both city/state on your RTA submission.)
  • Airfare
  • Rental Cars
    • Visit Travel Management's Rental Cars policy page for details.  We can only book or reimburse by using Avis, Budget, Enterprise, National, and Hertz.
  • Electronic Travel Reimbursement Request
    • Submit receipts for reimbursement within 1-2 weeks after travel has been completed. 
    • Submit your reimbursement requests to Group ID: 00340.

International Travel

Anyone traveling abroad for UT business is required to register their travel through the UT Austin International Travel Registry (UTAITR).

All registered travelers will be covered by On Call International Overseas Insurance, but please be sure to register to ensure that this is in place for your trip(s).

International Travel to Restricted Travel Regions needs additional approval from the International Oversight Committee (IOC).  More information (for all UT affiliates) can be found on the Texas Global Risk and Safety International Travel Process webpage.

Faculty Travel Grant application

Eligible faculty can receive up to $1,400 per academic year for travel expenses related to original research presentations. 

  • The FTG application must be submitted at least two weeks prior to travel (RTA admin/departmental signer is Elaine Kilduff/emk493)
  • Submit an RTA request at the same time as your FTG application.
  • Please list a secondary account on your RTA that can also be used for your travel in case your FTG application is denied and/or expenses exceed the FTG funding.

Notify the department if you have entertainment-related questions and plans.

General Office Supplies

For research labs and academic courses: Please create a cart in UT Market and assign the cart to Elaine (emk493) with "pay-from comments" filled in with the account to charge the order-to.

For UTSHC: Please contact Anita Ray directly.

  • If an order will include any consumable items (ex. Advil, food products, etc.), please include "event" details or justifications for the consumable item(s) when requesting a purchase.

Amazon Items

Please send a Wishlist or email that includes links of requested items, quantities, and any other related information/details to Elaine Kilduff.

All Other Vendor Purchases

Please send an email, with attached vendor quote (if applicable) to Elaine Kilduff. 

Include the following information:

  • Requestor name
  • Requestor phone number
  • Vendor name
  • Vendor Contact Number (if applicable)
  • UT’s Vendor Account Number (if applicable))
  • Specific item information/links to item webpage
  • Part Number
  • Quantity requested
  • Unit price
  • Shipping/Handling estimate or “Not To Exceed” estimate
  • UT account to charge
  • Any additional notes

Requests can be sent to both the Tech Team and the Moody Facilities Team through our internal HEAT ticketing system.  Include as many relevant details in your request.

Example include:

  • If your personal office is too hot/cold, please place a Facilities ticket (and if you need additional assistance please also reach out to the department office).
  • If you need an estimate or want to request the purchase of a new camera or computer for your lab group, please place a Tech ticket in the ticketing portal.  Tech will reach out directly to you if they need additional information.

Contact the department directly for software purchases.  Additional steps and approvals are needed, per the Information Security Office's policy about software/hardware safety and security.

Contact Elaine Kilduff to check out the ProCard.

All purchases made with a procurement card are exempt from State of Texas sales tax. The purchaser/requester is responsible for making sure that tax is not charged on any ProCard purchase.

ProCard Purchase Form & Instructions   

ProCard Software Form & Instructions

NOTE: This does not include computer/equipment and software purchases which must be routed through the Moody Tech Team.  Prior approval for software is required.  If an individual or lab seeks pre-approval before reaching out the department, please provide the approval email or Tech Ticket number.

For faculty questions: Reach out to Moody College Research Office (Brianna Jackson) to inquire about the Tango Card system for research incentive payments for your research lab.  For general information: Participant Incentive

If the Tango Card system does not work for your lab, please speak with Elaine about submitting a Cash Advance Request.

Don't see the form you are looking for, please check out the Moody Business Forms chart for a listing of all other Moody forms.

Also, further explanations and policies can be found in the UT Handbook of Business Procedures


Please reach out to Elaine Kilduff and Carmen Hoffman