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UPDATES last made on 9/26/2022.  Please read through carefully and contact Elaine Kilduff if you have any questions.

Please be sure to be signed into your UT Box account before accessing the various forms/links above.

  • General Info / Rules - updated by Moody Dean's Office
  • Electronic RTA Request
    • Submit travel requests AS SOON AS you are aware you will be traveling.  Notify me if your travel plans need to be modified after a submission.
    • Please be sure to list ALL possible destinations on the RTA.  Let me know if you have questions concerning what counts as a destination location that should be listed.
  • Book airfare through: Concur (electronic account) or by calling Anthony Travel
  • Rental Cars
    • UT will only book or reimburse for rental cars that are under contract with UT.  Visit Travel Management's Rental Cars policy page for details.  If a traveler runs into an issue and is unable to book one of the five contracted vendors, please notify Elaine Kilduff as soon as possible (preferably before trip dates).
  • Electronic Travel Reimbursement Request
    • Submit receipts for reimbursement within 1-2 weeks after travel has been completed.  There is a delay for travel reimbursements due to processing time, so please keep this in mind when submitting documentation.  Be aware that submissions processed two months after completion of trip will be subject to payroll tax deductions.

If you have any questions concerning traveling including but not limited to booking flights through Concur/Anthony Travel, direct billing with hotel (if applicable), rental cars, how to be reimbursed for meals that included multiple people conducting UT business, guest travel; please contact Elaine.

International Travel

Personal vs. UT Business International Travel Policies

Anyone traveling abroad on University business or programs is required by the UT System to register their international travel through the UT Austin International Travel Registry (UTAITR).

All registered travelers will be covered by On Call International Overseas Insurance.

International Travel to Restricted Travel Regions needs additional approval from the International Oversight Committee (IOC).  Additional information regarding international travel policies for students, faculty, and staff can be found on the Texas Global Risk and Safety International Travel Process webpage.

Faculty Travel Grant application

Eligible faculty may receive as much as $1,400 per academic year for travel expenses to present original papers at scholarly and professional meetings.  The FTG application must be submitted at least two weeks prior to travel (RTA admin/departmental signer is Elaine Kilduff/emk493).  When applying to use these funds you must have a secondary account that can also be used for your travel in case your FTG application is denied and/or expenses exceed the current FTG yearly limit.  Please be aware that only tenured or tenure-track faculty members qualify to apply for use of these funds.

A Travel Authorization form (RTA) and a Faculty Travel Grant application should be submitted at the same time to minimize processing delays.

Please notify the department, well in advance of guest lecturer's travel or engagement of speaking services.  Staff must process the appropriate paperwork prior to a speaking engagement in order to gather information from "hosting" faculty member concerning possible travel arrangements, funding accounts, advertising/flyers, honorariums, etc.

  • General Info / Rules 
  • OOEF Form
  • Please let SLHS departmental office know if you plan to advertise and plan for a particular event BEFORE the event start date.  We can assist in determining how much involvement is needed, on the part of department staff, and also to determine what the "hosting" faculty member or research lab's needs and responsibilities will be.

Please speak with Elaine about instructions for cash advance submissions and/or to discuss other possible options for research participant incentive programs that can be used.  Participant incentive fees are dependent upon funding sources and budgets. 

Please reach out to Tania Tost through email concerning the Tango Card system option.

General Office Supplies: Today’s Business Solutions (UT MARKET)

Pay attention to the difference in instructions for where the order request is originating from:

  1. Who processes the order request:

    • If the order request is from a research lab or faculty member, please create a cart and assign it to emk493 (Elaine Kilduff) with additional notes in the "pay-from comments"section of the Punchout page indicating which account the order should be charged and Elaine will verify and process order.
    • If the order request is for the UT Speech and Hearing Center or a clinical activity, please contact Anita Ray directly through email to list what office supplies are needed and she will process the order.
  2. If an order will include any items that are considered consumables (Advil, vinegar, food products, etc.) please include OOEF-related information to administrative staff, along with your request links.
  3. DO NOT PURCHASE OFFICE SUPPLIES WITH A PERSONAL CREDIT CARD.  Please contact Elaine Kilduff if a purchase is urgent, regardless of where it is originating from.
  4. Contact department personnel if a piece of software is needed as there are additional steps that must be followed, per the Information Security Office.

Tech/Computer Equipment Items

Please check with Carmen and Elaine if you have any questions about budget or possible purchasing options.

If you are wanting to make a regular computer purchase, please start the process by creating a Tech Ticket within the HEAT portal.  In the ticket, please include details such as specs you will be needing, model names you may be interested in, funding account for the purchase (if you already know either the account name or number), and any other details you feel are relevant to the purchase request. 

Once the Moody Tech Team has taken a look at your request, they may reach out to you with further clarifying questions, then they will create the cart and send it to the department for processing.  Please reach out to Elaine if you have any questions about the final cost or if circumstances have changed and you have questions.

Amazon Items

  1. Please send a Wishlist or email that includes links of requested items, quantities, and any other related information/details to Elaine Kilduff.
  2. If your item is available in UT Market (and is specifically an 'office supply'), please create a cart through UT Market.
  3. We do have a UT Austin Business Amazon Prime account so if you or your research lab will be making frequent order requests please notify Elaine Kilduff to inquire for details.

Vendor Purchases

Please send an email, with attached vendor quote (if applicable) to Elaine Kilduff. 

Please include the following information:

  • Requestor name
  • Requestor phone number
  • Vendor name
  • Vendor Contact Number (if applicable)
  • UT’s Vendor Account Number (if applicable))
  • Specific item information/links to item webpage
  • Part Number
  • Quantity requested
  • Unit price
  • Shipping/Handling estimate or “Not To Exceed” estimate
  • UT account to charge
  • Any additional notes

Contact Elaine Kilduff to check out the ProCard.

If your purchase is going to be over $999.99, please let us know prior to checking out the ProCard.

All purchases made with a procurement card are exempt from State of Texas sales tax. The purchaser/requester is responsible for making sure that tax is not charged on any ProCard purchase.

ProCard Purchase Form & Instructions   

NOTE: This does not include computer equipment purchases which must be routed through the Moody Tech Team, first with a HEAT ticket request.

ProCard Software Form & Instructions

NOTE: Prior approval from the Moody Tech Team is required for software purchases and can be placed through HEAT.  This approval ticket number should be provided to Elaine Kilduff.

For Peer Observation Guidelines please take a look at the Peer Observation Guidelines.

For non-narrative based observations, please use this form: Peer Observation Coversheet and Assessment

Please contact Carmen Hoffman and Elaine Kilduff if there are any problems or concerns with the peer observation information and forms.

Don't see the form you are looking for, please check out the Moody Business Forms chart for a listing of all other up-to-date Moody forms.

Also, further explanations and policies can be found in the UT Handbook of Business Procedures


Please reach out to Elaine Kilduff and Carmen Hoffman