Leveling Admission Instructions

Admission as a degree holding, non-degree-seeking (NDS) student is on a competitive basis, as we can only accommodate a limited number of NDS students each year. Admission is competitive, and based on undergraduate academic achievement and application essays. A successful NDS applicant will have an overall undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0, but that by itself does not guarantee admission.

Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision within 3-4 weeks after the deadline. All decisions are final, and cannot be appealed. Accepted students are required to attend an orientation session prior to the start of classes.

Note for Current UT Austin students: UT Austin students in other majors who are in their last semester and have applied to graduate may request permission to take leveling courses by completing Step 2 of the procedure shown below for “UT Austin Alumni”. There is no need to apply for readmission (Step 1) if you continue to take classes immediately after graduation. All other undergraduates in other majors at UT who wish to take SLH leveling classes must apply to transfer to SLHS (or add a second major in SLHS) through our Internal Transfer Application.


AUD Prerequisite Course Descriptions


Application Process for UT Austin Alumni (non-SLHS)

The application requires TWO steps for full review:

  1. Apply for readmission to UT Austin. Select "Former undergraduate, different major or Non-Degree Seeking (NDS)". If approved, you will be readmitted to the last department in which you were a major.
  2. Apply for admission as SLHS non-degree seeking.  In the application you will be asked to upload several documents: Transcript(s),  a Statement of Purpose, and a resume.  All documents must be in PDF format. 
Deadlines for completion of BOTH steps for Fall admittance are May 31st.

All materials must be received by the deadline.


You will upload an electronic PDF version of your UT transcript and transcripts of any other colleges or universities you have attended since leaving UT (there is no need to provide transcripts from institutions you attended PRIOR to your enrollment at UT). The transcript does not have to be certified as official by the institution, but it must be one issued by the institution.
NOTE: You can only upload ONE transcript document, so if you have multiple transcripts, please combine them into one PDF file. We recommend that you scan transcripts in B/W at a resolution of no more than 100 DPI, to keep the file size manageable. Please use the following format for the filename: "LastName_EID_Transcript.pdf" (For example: "Smith_sm1234_Transcript.pdf")
Statement of Purpose:
Your essay should address the following: Explanation of your background, your interest in the field of SLHS and your goals for professional development and graduate school. Your essay will be ONE page maximum, single or double-spaced in PDF format only. 
Be sure to include your full name, EID, and semester/year (e.g. Fall 2017) for which you are applying at the top of the page.
Please upload the latest version of your resume in PDF format.

Application Process for Degree Holder from Another Institution

To take prerequisite courses at UT Austin as a degree holder/non-degree seeker (NDS), you must submit an application to UT as a 'Non-degree seeking transfer student'.
Make sure that one of your essays addresses the explanation of your background, your interest in the field of SLHS and your goals for professional development and graduate school.
The application deadline for Fall admittance on March 1.

Admission as an NDS does not lead to automatic admission to our graduate program. That is a separate and highly competitive application process.
This application process is managed by the SLHS Graduate Program Coordinator, please contact them for questions about the NDS application process. 


Difficulties with the application or upload process?