Bilingual and Multicultural Certificate

SLHS offers a Bilingual/Multicultural certificate (with an emphasis on Spanish/English bilingual populations) to students at the MSSLHS level in Speech Language Pathology to foster the development of the competencies required to serve bilingual individuals with communication disorders.  Anyone accepted into the MSSLHS program can elect the Bilingual/Multicultural certificate option. The level of involvement in provision of services in other languages is provided at a level that is appropriate to the trainee’s language proficiency.  Academic support to acquire knowledge of bilingual language development, manifestation of disorders in bilingual and multicultural populations, and culturally and linguistically appropriate service provision is provided through specialized coursework.

The specialization requirements are:

  1. Declare your interest (during New Graduate Student Orientation) to the Graduate Adviser.
  2. Six credits of specialized coursework selected from the following
    1. SLH 391C Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
    2. Outside upper division or graduate elective with multicultural or bilingual focus
  3. 125 hours of clinical experience with a bilingual or multicultural focus (depending on certificate sought). These may include: formal courses (clinical practicums, externships) as well as clinical research rotations or volunteering under the supervision of a qualified SLP.
  4. Passing score on an oral proficiency test (at the advanced mid-level)  Students desiring the Multicultural certificate need not take the oral proficiency test. Student who do not achieve a passing score at the advanced professional level but completing all other requirements are eligible for the Multicultural certificate.

Please note: Students in the MSSLHS thesis track who want to complete the Bilingual/Multicultural certificate have to take an additional six credits in order to satisfy the certificate requirements.

Please contact the SLHS Graduate Office for more information.