Aphasia Research and Treatment Lab

Aphasia Research Treatment Lab: Participate

Your participation is very important to us!

You may qualify for participation in our research studies if:

  • Have a diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia
  • Do not have any other neurological conditions
  • Speak EnglishSpanish, or are bilingual (i.e., any two or more languages)
  • Note that other eligibility criteria may apply.
  • An initial screening will take place with a research coordinator in order to determine eligibility for participation.

Participation in research involves the following:

  • Pre-treatment assessment 
  • Tailored speech and language treatment 
  • Post-treatment assessment 
  • Follow-up assessments at 3-, 6-, and 12-months after treatment ends

Participation in research is voluntary and free of charge

Participation in this speech and language treatment study can occur via teletherapy or in person (for those who live locally to one of our research sites: Austin, Texas or San Francisco, California). Eligible individuals may undergo MRI scanning in order to inform researchers about how brain structure and function affect response to therapy. The participant and a care partner may be asked to travel to one of the research sites during the pre-treatment and/or post-treatment assessment phases. Airfare, lodging and a fixed stipend will be provided.

If you are a potential participant interested in getting involved in the lab’s research projects, please click here to fill out an initial screening form. You can also call or email us!

Lab Phone: 512-471-3420

Email: aphasialab@austin.utexas.edu