Aphasia Research Treatment Lab: Projects

Rehabilitation of speech and language in aphasia caused by stroke and neurodegenerative disease (primary progressive aphasia)

The goal of this study is to develop optimized treatment methods for rehabilitation of speech and language deficits in the three variants of primary progressive aphasia (nonfluent, semantic, and logopenic PPA) and to compare outcomes in individuals with aphasia caused by stroke. Specifically, we are exploring dose modifications, novel treatments for speech production, and neural bases of treatment efficacy.

Treatments for language and memory in progressive aphasia, mild dementia, and MCI

Whereas memory deficits are clinically recognized and more commonly treated features of dementia and MCI, language impairments are diagnosed and treated far less reliably. In this study, we are addressing word-finding difficulty in individuals with mild forms of dementia and MCI who have naming deficits as a primary feature. We are implementing a proven, tailored treatment approach for naming in these individuals and combining this approach with another method designed to improve retention of newly learned information. This project aims to provide evidence regarding the utility of these treatment methodologies as well as neuroimaging predictors of response to treatment in mild dementia and MCI.

Neural bases of speech and language impairments in progressive aphasia and stroke 

The goal of this study is to collect comprehensive behavioral data documenting speech, language, and cognitive deficits in individuals with aphasia caused by stroke and neurodegenerative disease. In conjunction with multimodal imaging data (structural MRI, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), EEG, fNIRS), and resting state functional imaging) we are examining brain-behavior relations for various speech and language domains, including phonological processing, written language, naming, and motor planning for speech.

Treatments for speech and language in bilingual speakers with aphasia caused by stroke or neurodegenerative disease

The goal of this study is to develop treatment approaches for bilingual speakers (of any language pair) with PPA or aphasia caused by stroke. More specifically, we are investigating treatment outcomes of dual-language intervention, as well as methods for promoting cross-linguistic transfer.

Tratamientos del habla y del lenguaje para personas bilingües con afasia primaria progresiva o afasia causada por un accidente cerebrovascular

En este estudio estamos desarrollando tratamientos para personas bilingües (de cualquier idioma) con afasia primaria progresiva o afasia causada por un accidente cerebrovascular. Más específicamente, estamos investigando los resultados del tratamiento administrado en dos idiomas y los métodos para promover la transferencia interlingüística.