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Children's Language, Literacy, and Learning Lab: Resources


On this page, you will find resources and activities for children with DLD. 


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Online Activities for Children with DLD

Online Storytimes

  1. Read-Along with PBS Kids” This youtube playlist features virtual readings of some of the most popular children’s books read by celebrities including Michelle Obama, Kristen Bell, and Thomas Rhett!
  2. Storytime Online” This website features virtual readings of children’s books including “A Bad Case of Stripes” and “The Kissing Hand” as well as many others read by celebrities.
  3. NY Public Library Online Storytimes” This website features online readings of popular children’s books separated by grade level as well as online activity guides.
  4. KidLit TV” This website offers online story readings of popular children’s books, sing- alongs, and interactive illustration activities that go along with the stories.
  5. "The Storytime Family” This youtube channel has a variety of online story book readings divided by category.
  6. Storytime Anytime” This youtube channel offers storybook reading videos online.
  7. Storytime at Awnie’s House” This youtube channel offers online storybook readings of popular books and also books that inspire kids to be themselves.
  8. Brightly Storytime” This youtube channel offers readings of storybooks based on age and genre.

Online Vocabulary Games

  1. Learning Games for Kids” This interactive website offers vocabulary games for children with a focus on compound words, synonyms, antonyms, and context definitions.
  2. PBS Kids Vocabulary Games” This website features a variety of vocabulary games, story times, and additional categories such as problem solving, reading comprehension, and spelling.
  3. Education Learning Games” This website offers a variety of free vocabulary games as well as phonics, grammar, and spelling separated by grade level.
  4. Turtle Diary” This website offers free vocabulary games based on age and different topics such as sight words and spelling.
  5. Reading Rockets” This website offers different apps for vocabulary that you can download on your phone or tablet.
  6. Twinkl” This website has a variety of word cards to practice vocabulary along with a step-by-step guide for caregivers. 

Printable Worksheets

  1. Education Learning Library” This website has a variety of free printable vocabulary and sight word activities that you can download.
  2. K5 Learning” This website has free printable worksheet that range in topic from practice words to picture crosswords.
  3. Jump Start” This website has multiple free vocabulary worksheets that you can download.



Organizations that are Supportive of Children with DLD

Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorders (RADLD)

As the name suggests, RADLD was created with the intent of Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). On their website, you can find resources that explain what DLD is, its impact, how you can get help, and raise awareness. The CL3 lab, like RADLD, focuses on aiding children with developmental language disorders. We believe in partnering with organizations like these to help raise awareness about DLD. Learn more about RADLD

Partners Resource Network (PRN)

PRN is a non-profit organization that manages the federally funded Texas Parent Training and Information Centers: PACT, PATH, PEN & TEAM. Their goal is to help parents understand their child’s disability and their rights under IDEA. They also evaluate resources and services as well as collaborate with professionals in planning services for children. The CL3 lab believes strongly in working together to empower children with DLD with the means to succeed academically. Contact PRN with any questions you may have at no cost.

Child Mind Institute

The Child Mind Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. Their goals include providing effective clinical care to children and adolescents, advancing the science of the developing brain, and empowering families and communities to seek the help they need. In the CL3 lab, we hold the health and well-being of all our participants at utmost importance. Please seek help from the Child Mind Institute if you feel you or your child need it.