Hamilton Lab: Patient Participant Information

Interested in participating? Here is some info to get you started: 

What type of research do we do? 

We study how our brain processes natural sounds - including speech - by capturing neural activity and analyzing it in the presence of stimuli. 

How does this research help me or my family members with epilepsy?

This research helps us understand the relationship between language and epilepsy as it is represented in the brain. Also, this research will further the development and improvement of new and exciting assistive technologies for those with communication disorders or delays. 

If I or my child participated in research, what would we do? 

You or your child would get the opportunity to engage in a variety of tasks that involve natural noise and language! Some tasks include: 

  • Listening to phrases spoken in English
  • Listening to English consonant and vowel sounds 
  • Reading sentences aloud and hearing your voice playback
  • Watching short movie clips/trailers that are age-appropriate
  • Playing age-appropriate video games on the Playstation 

What is the time commitment if I or my child participates?

Participating in our research is COMPLETELY voluntary and is up to how you and/or your child feels! Typically we will attempt to do multiple sessions approximately 1 hour each session. You or your child could do as few or as many sessions (tasks) as you wish. 

Who funds the research?

Our research is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (TSHF)

Who should I contact if I am interested in participating?

Please contact Dr. Liberty Hamilton via email at speechneurolab@utexas.edu