Hamilton Lab: Research Opportunities

Interested in joining our group? Read more about potential opportunities by following the links below. We are on the lookout for folks with interest in neuroscience, invasive and noninvasive human neurophysiology, speech and language processing, computational modeling, neurolinguistics, neural engineering, and related fields.

Undergraduate and graduate researchers in the Hamilton Lab

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate and graduate student researchers in the Hamilton lab. Left to right: Valerie Rae Mercado (undergrad, English, Linguistics, and Japanese), Nicole Currens (undergrad, Linguistics and Computer Science), Garret Kurteff (MA-PhD, Communication Sciences and Disorders), Chris Truong (undergrad, pre-med), Claire Huber (undergrad, Linguistics).
Graduate student Maansi Desai piloting an EEG study with Dr. Liberty Hamilton

Graduate Research

MA-PhD student Maansi Desai piloting an EEG experiment with Dr. Hamilton.