Stuttering and Linguistic Processing Lab: Home

The Stuttering and Linguistic Processing lab (SLPlab) is housed in UT Austin’s Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, in the Moody College of Communication. Our research aims to improve our understanding of how stuttering develops and persists into adulthood and translate this knowledge to advance evidence-based practices for stuttering. Specifically, we are interested in investigating the linguistic and cognitive factors that contribute to stuttered speech using eye-tracking techniques, exploring the manifestation of stuttering in bilingual and multilingual speakers, and improving evidence-based practices in the assessment and treatment of stuttering.  

Our work would not be possible without the generous help of our participants, students, clinicians, and volunteers.

Participants Needed

The Stuttering and Linguistic Processing Lab is currently recruiting children between 5 and 12 years old to serve as the control group in a study that investigates the organization of the mental lexicon in children who do and do not stutter. Children must be English monolingual speakers (minimal exposure to another language is ok) and have no history of any neurodevelopmental diagnoses (e.g., autism, ADHD, dyslexia etc.) or any speech/language disorders or learning disabilities. E-mail us for more details at .