Project SKILLS On-Demand

SKILLS On-Demand is an on-demand webinar version of Project SKILLS. This program is intended for families who cannot participate in SKILLS due to time/scheduling conflicts. Interested families can watch pre-recorded training sessions, along with participating in a one hour session with the SKILLS team to ask specific questions, clarifications and receive family/child specific recommendations.

Additionally we offer webinars aimed to provide information and education on the various related aspects of Autism. You will be able to select which webinars you are interested in and you are welcome to select as many as you would like. We continually add more webinars on various topics and will send you the registration link. All webinars have captioning in Spanish and some webinars are in Spanish with English captioning. 

Currently, we offer webinars on the following topics:

The following webinars are in English with Spanish Captioning

  • Facilitating communication in children with Autism using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) by Dr. Rajinder Koul
  • Taking care of yourself by Dr. Sandy Magaña
  • Shared book reading: opportunities for language learning by Dr. Lauren Hampton
  • Project SKILLS X Genetics by Dr. Audrey C. Brumback MD, PhD
  • Transition to adulthood: Policies and procedures by Dr. Nina Zuna
  • Feeding and Autism by Ms. Liz Darwin
  • Understanding problem behaviors displayed by individuals with ASD by Dr. Terry Falcomata

Webinars in Spanish

  • Introducción al Autismo: Indicadores y Sintomas,Evaluación y Diagnóstico, Información General, y Recursos by Dra. Berenice de la Cruz
  • Bilingualism and Autism by Camille Wagner-Rodriguez
  • Educación Especial en el Autismo by Ariana Tramber from Vela


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